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The Raven King - Nora Sakavic Nora Sakavic, you are brilliant! You have an incredible imagination and you have created some of the more interesting characters that I ever read about! Disturbed and problematic human beings, that are learning how to trust on others and mostly in themselves...

Neil is such a brave young man, running from a savage past and from people willing to hurt him... he realizes that belonging to a place, to a team, and discovering that he can make friends and trust them, worth the risk of being caught.

And Andrew... oh Andrew, how I adore your crazy and troubled mind... Andrew that suffered so much in his life, is still able to help others and to make sacrifices for his friends!

This book is overwhelming and so powerful, that I've read it almost non-stop! Seeing Neil surrendering to Riko was devastating and I don't want to suffer like that ever again!!! And now, Andrew will arrive in two days and they will be together again, and I want to see them together, and the third book is not ready yet... GOD!!!