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The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz I've been thinking a lot about my review... This is one of my favorite series ever! I had so many feelings while I read this books, that it's very difficult to express all of them in words!

I love Tiffany Reisz writting style, she's brilliant, she has a wonderful imagination, and she created some of the most fantastic characters that I met through my readings!

However, I can't stop feeling a little disappointed with some parts of this book! I was expecting the thrill, the overwhelming feelings that I had with The Prince... and when I had such expectations, feeling this disappointment leaves me very sad... I don't understand why somethings happened in this story, that I think were unecessary and completely pointless How could a prude man like Wesley, that saved his virginity to the woman of is life, had sex with Leila, a virgin, few days after meeting her... I understand that Wesley deserved a HEA, but not this way... They were perfected together, and they could be together, but not like this. The other subject that I didn't liked, actually I hated, was Grace with Soren... Was that necessary???? And the ending, the possibility that she had his son... please... no!!!!

So, I give 5 stars to Nora, she is the most amazing female character that I've read. She's funny, she's intelligent and she's a great story-teller... I give 5 stars to Kingsley... Oh Kingsley, you are my second favorite character in this series... A man that loves with all his heart, and that would give everything for the love of is life! And finally, I give a million stars to Soren, he is my #1, I love him! I love his kindness, his intelligence, his capacity to love and to forgive... He is extraordinary, and if there is in this world a real Soren, I would love to meet him... even if he is a priest! What I love more in this book is the fact that Soren and Kingsley still love each other, and that they still have sex. Honestly that's what I love more in this series, when they are together

I never had written such a long review, but there is so much to say about this series... And I just want to say one more thing, I know that I will love The Priest!!! Soren is magnificent!