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Unintended - M.J. O'Shea It feels good read a book like this! Beautiful, lovely, sweet, great characters and no angst! Loved it!!!
Wes and Toren - J.M. Colail Wes and Toren story is beautiful and sweet!!! I loved this book!
Trust Me If You Dare (Romano and Albright, #2) - L.B. Gregg I had an amazing time while reading this book! Ce has some hilarious moments!!! Love Romano and Albright and I want more!!!
Catch Me If You Can - L.B. Gregg I had so much fun reading this book!!! Funny and interesting!
Second Chances - T.A. Webb This book is fabulous!!! It's such a beautiful story of love, friendship, family... I will never forget the sorrow and the happyness that I've felt reading this book! I've cried... both happy and sad tears, and I will cherish which one of them because I had the privilege of reading such a magnificent romance... After this moment I will value everyone that I have in my life even more!
Frog - Mary Calmes Mary Calmes is a great writer and I'm becoming a huge fan of hers!

Cyrus is a great character and so it would be Weber if he wasn't so stubborn! Geez... How many times did Cy declared his love to him, how many times he said that he couldn't live without Weber... His stubborness was a little annoying, otherwise I would give 5 stars to this book!

The story is very sweet and I love the fact that these two man are mature and over 40!
Steamroller - Mary Calmes Vince and Carson... so lovely and sweet!!!
Finding Zach - Rowan Speedwell What happened to Zach was absolutely terrifying...The way he overcome it was amazing!!! Welcomed by is family, by his friends and specially by the love of his life David, Zach learned how to live again!

Forever & Always in love, Zach and David built a imperfect but beautiful relationship!!!
The Locker Room - Amy Lane I really love this book! Geez... Chris and Xander discovered and learned love together, and it was beautiful... from boys to men, everything was made as a couple!

I just would like to know more of what happened after... Chris's recovering and Xander's future in the game.
Shades of Gray - Brooke McKinley This book is absolutely fabulous!!! The story is captivating and addictive. I didn't wanted to get to the end of it... I wanted more! Danny and Miller... one more amazing couple that I will never forget, and I will reread their story for sure!

I won't say that I didn't suffered trough this reading, I won't deny the angst and the horror of some parts, but the final result is marvellous! Danny is a fascinating character, and Miller is close behind!
Flowers for Him - Marie Sexton, Rowan Speedwell Sweet, sweet story...
Six Degrees of Separation - Taylor V. Donovan I will never get tired of Sam and Mac! They are overwhelming... Their non-relationship overcome all the doubts and insecurities, and become openly beautiful and secure! They love each other so much that truly melted my heart!

Adding to this, there is an amazing plot, fantastic characters that I want to know more about... specially Logan! I wish him happiness, he is such a great guy, and he deserves the best!!!

I've become addicted to this fabulous series... I hope the third book doesn't take to long...
The Raven King - Nora Sakavic Nora Sakavic, you are brilliant! You have an incredible imagination and you have created some of the more interesting characters that I ever read about! Disturbed and problematic human beings, that are learning how to trust on others and mostly in themselves...

Neil is such a brave young man, running from a savage past and from people willing to hurt him... he realizes that belonging to a place, to a team, and discovering that he can make friends and trust them, worth the risk of being caught.

And Andrew... oh Andrew, how I adore your crazy and troubled mind... Andrew that suffered so much in his life, is still able to help others and to make sacrifices for his friends!

This book is overwhelming and so powerful, that I've read it almost non-stop! Seeing Neil surrendering to Riko was devastating and I don't want to suffer like that ever again!!! And now, Andrew will arrive in two days and they will be together again, and I want to see them together, and the third book is not ready yet... GOD!!!
The Foxhole Court - Nora Sakavic This is an extraordinary book! YA... yes; no sex... yes... but absolutely captivating and addictive!

I couldn't stop reading it and I'm eager to know more about this team and its players! I have a special interest in Andrew... he is mysterious and enigmatic... I'm hoping that he has feelings for Neil... hoping!

Bring me The Raven King!!!
60 Percent Proof (By Degrees, #1.5) - Taylor V. Donovan Oh Sam... you and Mac are so HOT together!!!
Six Degrees of Lust - Taylor V. Donovan This book goes directly to my favorite M/M shelf!!!

Amazing plot, fantastic characters... well, a story that captivates from the beggining til the end!

Sam and Mac have an interesting, honest and beautiful relationship! The chemistry between them is mind-blowing and though Sam won't admit how serious in love he is and Mac plays along, the development is so exciting... I love them!

But I also love all the other characters: Chris, Remy, Logan... so many interesting and super hot men! They all took my breath away...

I can't wait for the next one!